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Content Manager

for SAP Kpro

Content Manger for SAP Kpro exports the data pool of a content-server by PHIOS-Lists (txt-files) into local binary files. Afterwards this files can be imported in a SAP content-repository . The whole List of the PHIOS Keys can also be downloaded an splitted in practical units.Via RFC-Function-Calls SAP Reports (SE38) are started, which supports routines for handling the content of a content-server integrated into the SAP Kpro. The names of the reports are: RSCMSLST, RSCMSEXL, RSCMSIM and DMS_KPRO_CHECK1 today.

The handling of those reports with Transaction SE38 will be very unconfortable if you have serval thousand files (originals) in the content-server. In that case you have to use list-files with the GUIDs (PHIOS) of the files to export serveral packages of binary files, because the limit of one binary file is below of 2 GB. Content Manager helps you in handling this lists.

Step by Step you will be guided what to do at next.

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